BusiSoft has 19 years experience in database and system development, software retail and support, and IT training. We have also invested heavily in BusiSoft’s hardware division which is now thriving on undercutting the competition in providing hardware to our IT customers, alongside computer network, troubleshooting and security services.

Our customer base ranges from small businesses to large corporate IT users and we have clients in a breadth of markets, including media and marketing, telecommunications, engineering, food and drink, oil and gas (database for the national gas distribution systems of Shell and Esso), entertainment and leisure, aircraft and local government. We are capable of working with any database type on the market, including Access, SQL Server, Lotus domino, IBM DB2 and Oracle.

Our Priorities:

Over our 19 years, we have formulated these values in addressing the needs of our customers. In delivering our services, we aim to

provide a 100% all-round IT service

to spec.

on time

at a competitive price

to a happy customer

Therefore our objectives are to:

Target services and products to client's needs through gaining an understanding of client's business

Ensure that the client feels that everything possible is being done for their good, where possible exceeding their expectations

Ensure fast and efficient processing of queries and orders - aiming for 48 hour delivery and installation.

Ensure optimal solution is provided every time

Maintain competitive prices

100% Service

We aim to cater for all of our clients IT needs through the delivery of an all round service. By dealing with all aspects of IT we can make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their resources through consistent installations and services - maximising the performance of any new equipment through integration of systems and business procedures, as well as by optimising the use of existing resources.

Investment in our clients

We are proud to offer a professional and personal service. As a small business we can allocate permanent members of staff who understand your business and who will always have time to deal with your needs. We have a high interest in both our small and large clients, and as our business expands we would like to see our clients' businesses do the same.